From 16 to 22 October, 2021 Artecinema, the International Contemporary Art Film Festival, will be available on demand at In order to watch the films of the festival directly from your home you need to register first and then you can proceed with the purchase of the festival pass, the cost is € 15,00.

Here the complete online festival programme with the specific limitations:

art and environs

Art21. Guadalupe Maravilla & The Sound of Healing, by Rafael Salazar Moreno, Ava Wiland, United States, 2021, 10’, English

Art21. Michael Rakowitz: Haunting The West, by Ian Forster, United States, 2021, 12’, English

Banksy Most Wanted, by Aurélia Rouvier, Seamus Haley, United States, 2020, 82’, English, French | only 800 viewings are available

Bochner Boetti Fontana, by Domenico Palma, United States, 2020, 18’, English, Italian

Dürer Vs Beuys. The Battle, by Peter Schiering, Germany, 2021, 7’, German

Eugenio Tibaldi. Anthropogenic Connection, by Lorenzo Cioffi, Italy, 2020, 20’, Italian, English

Homecoming. Marina Abramović And her Children by Boris Miljković, Serbia, 2020, 83’, English, Serbian | only 800 viewings are available, available online only in Italy

Inside The Uffizi, Corinna Belz, Enrique Sánchez Lansch, Germany, 2021, 96’, English, Italian, German | available online only in Italy

J’ai Retrouvé Christian B., by Alain Fleischer, France, 2020, 90’, French

Jean Dupuy Ypudu, by Gilles Coudert, France, 2021, 52’, French, English

John Wood and Paul Harrison. The First Thirty Years, by John Wood, Paul Harrison, United Kingdom, 2020, 37’, English

La Rivoluzione siamo noi. Arte In Italia 19671977, by Ilaria Freccia, Italy, 2020, 83’, Italian | only 200 viewings are available, available online only in Italy

Moi, Georg Baselitz by Heinz Peter Schwerfel, France, 2019, 51’, French

Sguardo Nomade. Viaggio nel lavoro di Marisa Albanese, by Fiamma Marchione, Italy, 2017, 18’, Italian

The New Bauhaus. The Life & Legacy of Moholy-Nagy, by Alysa Nahmias, United States, 2019, 89’, English | available online only in Italy

Un Été à La Garoupe, by François Lévy-Kuentz, France, 2020, 52’, French

Wolfgang Laib. Without Time, Without Place, Without Body, by Francesco Cacchiani, Italy, 2021, 42’, English, Italian, German

architecture and design

Aalto, by Virpi Suutari, Finland, 2020, 103’, English, Finnish, French, German, Russian, Italian, Swedish | only 200 viewings are available

Il Treno di Sottsass, by Valeria Parisi, Italy, 2017, 55’, Italian


Nino Migliori. La libera essenza della curiosità, by Giulia Vannucci, Italy, 2020, 10’, Italian

Roselena Ramistella. L’isola delle femmine, by Francesco G. Raganato, Italy, 2021, 27’, Italian