Beuys and Beuys (German, English subtitles) (2006)

  • Documentary
  • 35min

“We are the revolution“ is the statement which Joseph Beuys proclaimed his entire life. The director Peter Schiering focuses upon the legacy left to contemporary artists by Beuys, the artist who attacked the traditional conceptual boundaries of art and brought materials such as fat and felt into museums. What effect do his works, exhibited throughout the world, have today? We see the artist during performances in New York, Berlin and Darmstadt where he spares no effort in explaining art to a dead hare or spends several days in a cage with a coyote. We listen to him as he attempts to explain his concept of art and promotes the cause of a universal social utopia.


Peter Schiering is a filmmaker, art critique and curator, living and working in Berlin. Born in 1967 in Göttingen, he started out as a photographer and then studied cinematography and communication, philosophy and art at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Karlsruhe. Since 1996 he has worked for German television on the _Kulturzeit _series. His films include: The Turner Prize 2003 (2003), The American Photographer Arnold Newman (2004), The First Berlin Photography Festival (2005), The Holocaust Memorial in Berlin (2005), Barney Meets Beuys (2006), Gregor Schneiders Cube in Hamburt (2007).


Peter Schiering


Barbara Thiemt


ZDF, 3sat


German, English subtitles